Refreshing Your Pediatric Dental Knowledge and Skills with Dr. Greg Psaltis, DDS

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Speaker: Dr. Greg Psaltis, DDS

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So Little Room, So Much to See (The complete pediatric dental examination) 3 CEs

Every pediatric dental examination is like a new patient examination simply because of the dynamics of growth and development. Furthermore, there is much to see in the mouths of children other than caries and loose teeth. This program thoroughly covers all aspects of the pediatric dental examination including recognition of anomalies, growth and development, symmetry and balance of the dentition and other components that make examinations on children far from routine. Both clinical and radiographic photographs illustrate the areas of discussion.

But Aren’t They Just Baby Teeth? (Answers to common questions from parents) 3 CEs

You’ve heard these words and can’t help thinking, “Another ignorant parent.” They aren’t really ignorant— they’re working from old beliefs or genuine concerns for their children. The ability to answer common questions insures better understanding of the pediatric dental issues and creates more trust. This program covers questions routinely heard from parents of pediatric patients including a broad spectrum of topics, among them primary anterior trauma, stainless steelc rowns, local anesthesia, timing of initial examinations and more. Practitioners who treat children will benefit from this engaging course.

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